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Ψ Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Stockfish dries in the sun

Stockfish dries in the sun

“An important historic meal..”

Stockfish gets preserved by a special drying process. The right climate is essential for this process. In the past this method made it possible to travel long distances by ship. It made sure that enough untainted food for the supply of the crew was available. The conquests of the Vikings are only one known example for this.

This skill has also become popular in the mediterranean area because due to the warm climate the fish spoils very quickly. We would like to get you closer to one of our traditional recipes for the preparation of dried fish. Our guests are always surprised and overzealous how delicious our Stockfish is. Refined with fresh garlic sauce and a piece of lemon it appears to be so inconspicuous but turns out to be a true delicacy.


Ψ Saturday, September 19th, 2009


sword-fish“the finest and most delicious mediterranean fish..”

Swordfish grow up to 2 – 3m in length and belong to the fastest fish in the world. This is because of their scaleless skin that allows them to glide through the water. Add a little southern temperament and you get a very elusive and combative fish in front of you. Just through his power the swordfish has a unique firm and tender meat. He is one of the most popular fish in the kitchen and all-round useable.

We want to leave the flavour of our grilled swordfish as natural as possible. So the swordfish is very tenderly seasoned and grilled just right to the point. Additionally we recommend a little piece of lemon and a cold glass of white wine.


Ψ Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Kalamari“Seafood for gourmets..”

In contrast to the octopus the squid has eight short and two long tentacles. It is smaller and lives throughout the whole mediterranean sea. Squids have a unique flavour, a gentle salty taste which makes them so popular for gourmets. In addition they are extremely healthy and contain a lot of vitamin B, selenium and iodine.

Nothing is more important than the freshness of the squid, this defines the taste. And it must be prepared properly, otherwise it’s meat would get hard-bitten. This is the real challenge here. Therefore only our chef is qualified for this preparation herself.


Ψ Saturday, September 19th, 2009


Gilthead“a popular fish since the antique times..”

The gilthead or sea bream is a native mediterranean fish and already was a very popular food in the age of Socrates. Simply catched and grilled over the fire or on hot stones.

And just as we do today. The tasty sea bream gets freshly prepared on the grill. Due to its firm flesh and few big bones it is ideally suited for grilling. In addition only a few indigenous spices and a little lemon, .. bon appetit, enjoy your meal.

Tuna salad

Ψ Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Thunfisch“mediterranean salad from most popular fish..”

It belongs to the mackerel family and therefore is a fast predator in the open seas. That implies that it has a wonderful firm and tasty meat, which makes it so popular everywhere.

We produce a refreshing mediterranean salad from tuna, which is combined perfectly with fresh bread. This creamy salad is added with fresh vegetables and herbs from the region of Rhodes. Finished, bon appetit!