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Ψ Saturday, September 19th, 2009

rhodischer Wein

rhodian wine

“greek wine is like blood of the earth..”

Wine is a very important part of culture in Greece for over 4000 years now. Healthy aspects of wine were already known in ancient Greece. So the greek wine became an integral part in their mythology and feasts.

And still today wine has a high status in Greece. The quality and valuable diversity of greek wines are awesome. There are even a lot of wines that are cultivated since ancient times. Therefore it isn’t a big surprise, that wine is still gladly drunken by the greek. On the other hand it takes a significant part in the economy of greece.

Therefore Rhodes has ideal conditions for good wine because of it´s sunny geographical position. We offer a vasty selection of good rhodian wines. Every year Georgios selects the most delicious and fresh house wines for the Smaragd. These are served on a balmy summer night or together with freshly grilled food. Of course we serve the famous resinated greek retsina, too.

freshly pressed orange juice

cool beer

We also offer a big selection of cold drinks, fresh juices and european beers. For sure Souma, Metaxa or Ouzo as a traditional greek national drinks are not missing.

Coffee specialities

Ψ Saturday, September 19th, 2009


coffee specialities“enjoy the peaceful look at the platia with a greek coffee..”

Drinking coffee in greece is more than just a drink. It´s an important part of social contacts and sociability. That´s the reason you can find a Kefenion in every village. Here people take a seat and discuss, play cards or just sit there and relax.


This tradition is also enjoyed in the Smaragd. So you´re invited to stop by, take a rest and to enjoy the tranquillity of snuggly psinthos. In addition you´re invited to get spoiled by a coffee speciality of the Smaragd. We recommend a glass of water especially together with the strong greek coffee. That´s good for the water balance in your body. For sure we serve mild coffee specialities too.

Ice coffee

Ψ Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Emerald Ice Coffee

“sweet finish after a tasty meal..”

The original Emerald iced coffee is a very popular refreshment for our guests. Whether as a dessert after a meal or just to enjoy the afternoon on the terrace. To the embracing greek sun you will arrive in your holiday immediately.

Georgios personally prepares it for you. He combines herb greek coffee flavours to a creamy-sweet ice coffee. That becomes to a successful combination which is very popular.


Ψ Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Kataifi with ice cream“Angel hair from rolled dough threads..”

Producing Kataifi is the the same process like preparing dough for baklava. But it´s much more difficult because of making one long, thin thread out of the dough.This continous thread is wound up to Kataifi or commonly known as angel hair.

Afterwards it gets baked and filled with the essential nut mix. This is made up of roasted walnuts, pistachios and a little pinch of cinnamon. Finally the Kataifi get poured over with a syrup out of lemon and honey. Nowadays this syrup varies to different tastes.

Yoghurt with honey

Ψ Saturday, September 19th, 2009


“Simple, healthy and tasty..”Yoghurt with honey

Yogurt with honey is an old tradional recipe. In the past the only sweetener was honey. So the people took creamy yogurt and honey simply together and created the only sweet they could afford.

The secret of this good dessert is very simple. You just need perfect honey. We use natural honey from Rhodes, which is collected on the natural herb and thyme meadows. The bees do their great job from spring to early summer. So Rhodes is known for its excellent honey. Combined with well hung and creamy yogurt it gets garnished with walnuts. Since centuries and decades a delicious sweet. A semi-dry red house wine fits perfectly.

Yoghurt with honey and red wine

Yoghurt with honey and red wine