Just a few kilometers from psinthos away, you can find the beautiful and famous valley of butterflies. Every year from june to september thousands of butterflies, the petaloudes, come to this valley to rest over the hot summer time.

Those who wants to have the opportunity to take their time and enjoy the splendid view of Valley of Butterflies, should get up early to hike through this picturesque place. So you can escape from the massive tourism around the Valley of Butterflies and enjoy the first rays of sun in the morning. Of course, the evening hours are are also a good oportunity.Once we went on a tour through this beautiful valley and want to share our impressions in this gallery.

Here in Psinthos everybody is really proud of this beautiful valley.The protection of these animals is highly committed and very important for us. The main burden for this nocturnal butterflies is noise. Accordingly, it is very important for all visitors to support us and avoid any noise. Each wing stroke costs a lot of unnecessary energy for these small animals. Only in this way and all together we can protect this endangered Harlequin, so we can enjoy this species for a long time.

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