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rhodischer Wein

rhodian wine

“greek wine is like blood of the earth..”

Wine is a very important part of culture in Greece for over 4000 years now. Healthy aspects of wine were already known in ancient Greece. So the greek wine became an integral part in their mythology and feasts.

And still today wine has a high status in Greece. The quality and valuable diversity of greek wines are awesome. There are even a lot of wines that are cultivated since ancient times. Therefore it isn’t a big surprise, that wine is still gladly drunken by the greek. On the other hand it takes a significant part in the economy of greece.

Therefore Rhodes has ideal conditions for good wine because of it´s sunny geographical position. We offer a vasty selection of good rhodian wines. Every year Georgios selects the most delicious and fresh house wines for the Smaragd. These are served on a balmy summer night or together with freshly grilled food. Of course we serve the famous resinated greek retsina, too.

freshly pressed orange juice

cool beer

We also offer a big selection of cold drinks, fresh juices and european beers. For sure Souma, Metaxa or Ouzo as a traditional greek national drinks are not missing.

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