Grilled goatling


fresh goatling from Smaragd grill

fresh goatling from Smaragd grill

“freshly grilled goat directly on your plate..”

Goat meat is very appreciated in greece and is historically eaten a lot. Goats used to be a welcome alternative to cattles, because these wouldn´t have coped with rocky rhodes. This is the reason why a lot of traditional dishes on rhodes are a based on goat meat.

We only use pure organic goat meat from free ranged rhodian goats. Georgios personally selects only the best goat meat and processes the whole goat himself. No meat from factory farming, from the supermarket or from frosted finished products which are sadly becoming more and more famous these days. .

We only take the juiciest pieces for the grilled goatling and refine it with a few selected local spices, because these will not get burned on the grill. They also make the meat tender and wonderfully aromatic. We serve the goatling with chips and lemon. Your Appetite defines the size of the portion. We recommend to give the lemon over the meat for a fresh and fine taste. Red and white house wine fits perfectly.

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