“As I have always said in your Tzatziki you can see the quality of the cook..”

Everyone has eaten Tzatziki before and every second person has made it by himself. But to make a real authentic tzatziki is a lot of work and differs completely to industrial yogurt products. In the Smaragd you can experience the quality of the preparation of genuine traditional dishes. Only who really takes the trouble to prepare the most important supplement of the menu correctly and on his own, also appreciates the homemade, traditional cuisine.

Our Tzatziki is of course an old secret family recipe which is seasoned in the right dimensions with selected spices and herbs from the area. For sure our Tzatziki is traditionally prepared with fresh cucumbers out of well hung and not liquid yogurt. For all of this you need sereneness because nothing is as important as the final right consistency of the tasty side dish. As a result the taste will speak for itself.

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