Octopus Oregano

the octopus is on the line to dry“even the name is greek..”

Compared to most other cephalopods the octopus has eight arms not ten tentacles like the squid. Hence octopus, okto = greek for eight. This is relatively unknown in most countries, but it’s a common Mediterranean meal for every day. Once you have enjoyed the tender and properly cooked octopus meat, you won’t be able to get away from it anymore. A real delicacy.

Cooking an octopus is a lot of work, you have to deal gently with it. Another common way is to dry the octopus on clothes lines, what can often be seen on Rhodes in many villages. Here, the meat loses the essential amount of water in the sun, so that it can be grilled afterwards without getting scorched.

When preparing our octopus oregano our cook has to carefully pay attention so that the meat won´t get hard-bitten. All too quickly the fine protein chains of the octopus meat can get chewy by the wrong preparation. Among few Tsambika has a really good grasp of this difficult recipe. Here the octopus is put into a tasty marinade based on self planted oregano and various spices from Rhodes. A true secret of the Smaragd.

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