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    «TOP TIP: Smaragd, at the marketplace of psinthos. Rarely you can eat as delicious Dolmades, starter rolled in grape leaves,as at Georgios. Typical greek dishes you won’t find on most menus like stock fish with garlic sauce reveal themself as a rural delicatesse »
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    From: ADAC-travel guide Rhodes – Point 6: Psinthos (p. 57) - (free translated)
  • «The tavern Smaragd with a covered terrace, next to the marketplace in Psinthos is worth a trip. Especially lamb meat tastes really delicious. Readers are delighted every time again. Alexander Meyer and Miriam Klempel from Wetzlar (Germany): "Especially we want to recommendate the restaurant smaragd in Psinthos, next to the marketplace. Georgios speaks, not only good german, also he also offers a really warm hospitality. The cuisine is fantastic (our best food on whole rhodes!!). One of his specialities is his Stifado. Georgios offers excellent greek cuisine at cheap prices. By the way, he offers a tasty house wine." Christian Hees from Schwerin (Germany): "In Psinthos we stayed at Georgios in the Smaragd, wunderfull dishes, cheap. Unfortunately his Stifado was still in the oven …“»
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    From: Michael Müller Verlag - Rhodes – Capitel: East Coast – Psinthos - (free translated)
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